Accidents, mutation and mistakes ceramics


Galeria MORA and Liliana BASARAB presents Accidents, mut ation and mistakes ceramics
Private view: Friday, April 16, 19H00

The exhibition remains open until May 6

Monday-Friday 11H00-17H00

by appointment at 021 3165541

In her works titled Different Teams/ Family connections/Untitled (Pregnant bottles), the visual artist Liliana Basarab presents a ceramic based installation that examines with wit and energy the impotency and frustration due to inescapable relations. The body of work consists of three ceramic statues, various sizes depicting familiar objects and appearances materialized in the shape of shoes, bottles, football players that suffered modifications as a result of having been subjects to accidents, mutation and mistakes. The narrative starts with the pregnant bottle which, due to its maternal qualities, makes possible the appearance of a ‘perverted’ family where mother, father and baby are interlinked through the continuous rear straps of the sandals and the brothers share one leg with catastrophic consequences for their football game. Oppression and futility of one’s action due to strict social interconnections creates the imagine of a doomed family with no future prospects. Basarab positions herself critically vis-à-vis social stigmatization by creating a meta-reality which functions according to different standards, which once voiced attract a series of serious repercussions. Self-analysis and introspection become the artist’s tool kit to understand her personal system of believes and the surrounding reality.”

Mihaela Varzari

Liliana BASARAB (born 1979), visual artist, lives and works in Iasi, Romania. In 2005-2006, she participated in the residency programme of the Pavillon / Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France.

Accidents, mutation, mistakes is part of the MORA 2010 exhibition programme. Art projects of  painting, object, installation, photography, video, performance by Romanian and international artists are awaiting their turn to be presented in the MORA art gallery. The projects were selected based on the proposals submitted through our open Call for Projects in 2009.

MORA 2010 is part of the series of activities dedicated to supporting Romanian visual arts and artists, through ensuring opportunities, through offering exhibitional space and mediating a dialogue between different artistic expressions, as part of a wider international art scene.


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