Why surge protectors dont protect against a lightning strike

One of the miths of the modern days is that a surge protector or a UPS will provide sufficient protection

How to protect electrical appliances from lighting strike

As you may already know, there are about a thousand lighting strikes in the Earth's atmosphere every second. They are a natural phenomenon, a necessary thing in order to protect the planet from outside radiations. But it's not all so good: there are hundred of dead by ligt

Differences between a condenser and dynamic microphone

The only use of a microphone is to capture sound, but there are on the market many kinds of microphones that operate on

Basic principles and types of microphones

You all know wath a microphone is, right?  Some of you may call it mic or mike, a short from microphone, but it's the same thing. You may have wondered about h

Wiring options for home security systems

If you are aware of some history you already know that in not so old times the best security system was a pack of dogs around your house, in the yard. Eventually, some fire gun was required just to scare the intruders... (in the best of cases).

In the moder times in the most cases this is not sufficie

Difference between a disc and a disk

Disk and disc have very similar pronounciation, but they are very different: 2 alternative spelling for things that are generally thing and circular geometry. For the most part the words "disc" and "disk" can be used interchangeably to describe these flat, rounded objects. The terms and the objects appear in fields such as computers, media

What to consider when buying a ham radio antenna

If you don't know it yet, ham radio antenna is dedicated to amateur radio (ham) operators, that radio anthusiasts all over the world that spend countless hours searching between radio waves and talking to other people from different part of their country or continent. They are authorized by their communications or postal authorities to transmit and receive at

What to consider when buying a television

For the most decades since the television has been invented it has been changed so greatly no one could ever imagine in the begining: we have LCD television, LED television, plasma television and OLED television, we have from edge-tit to full array televisions, from 120 Hz to 600 Hz, from 2D to 3D televisions.

For many many yea

Technology that changed the world

Some asked me not long ago what tehnologies changed the world to make is as we know it now. Even my favourite technology is the transistor, the list of them is so long it can take days or weeks to enumerate them. I'll try mention a few of them, the one that I consider the most important.

Steam engines, 1698

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