Alexander Polli, tracksuit, wingsuit flying: reality of human flight

Watching something like this it kind of change your perspective about the wondeful world around you. And, of corse, a voice inside you starts screaming: I want to live and share the same experience! I want!

Once century ago, when humans where bearly learning all over again to fly using machines heavier than air this d

Ways to exercise without going to the gym

I know there are a lot of people that have not enough time to go to the gym periodically, even from my own experience, and I also know how important is to exercise a lot in order to keep one's body and mind in good health. We can live without exercise, but we live better if push our limits daily - it's how are bodies are built: without physical effort we just wear down easier and die e

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kanji kendo

Come and practice kendo at CS Ronin-Do Oradea

servicii în tehnologia informații

We offer consultancy services in IT, website development, mobile apps and online applications.

web design consultanță software applicații I have been developing apps and sites for a few years, so are in the right place if you are searching for some one in the IT, I develop Joomla! extensions and I offer consultancy about your activities and how they can be more efficient and the implementation or further development of informatic systems that can transform your business into an engine. For more information you can contact me.

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