Short science-fiction film: Proto

Proto is a short science-fiction film shot in August 2011 at Robocluster in Denmark, a genuine working robotics lab. Completed in 2012, it has the premiere in 2014.

The short film is an  action adventure about a child-like, experimental robot, set in the robotics lab where he has been built. Although PROTO has been made to fulfil the ambitions of his creator, Prof. Andrews, he learns to find his own dreams and ambitions, and also the strength needed to realise them. The main theme of the film is freedom, both literal and in the ability to choose one’s own destiny – to break free of expectations.

Written and directed by Nicholas Pittom. Cast: Mark Aiken (Professor Andrews), Matthew Steer (Simon), Kim Jensen (The Tennis Table Player), Ole Dupont (The General), Signe Unmack Larsen (The Champagne Girl), Niels Christian Nielsen, Hys Bang, Kare Fjalland, Bjarne Jønsson (VIP Guests), Niels Jul Jacobsen, Nicolai H. Christiansen, Søren Hundevadt, Matin Fondt, Anders Bøgild, Aske Olesen (Lab Technicians).