Short science-fiction film: VALIS

Some consider that the development of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be dangerous because it could fght against us, others consders that it will bring only (mostly) good things in our lives.

A possible future of the human kind: in the year 2037 humanity strives to develop soft artificial intelligence that would be able to rewrite itself, improve itself, and so increase its own intelligence to a certain limit. Soldiers and police officers are slowly being replaced by robots with the installed software developed by EDD.

Terri, the top software developer for the police department. One day, as she was testing her self-rewritable AI software programs the software became self-aware and managed to escape its virtual prison.

One of the deadliest cyber squads called BOPE at the helm with Neill did try to seek and destroy the Artificial Intelligence (VALIS) but without success. No one could predict what followed.

Directed by Adrián Adamec.

Cast: Samuel Jurkovič, Zuzana Mráziková, Juraj Škoda, Dominika Mináriková, Peter Belianský, Veronika Frtúsová, Adriána Valachová, Róber Jonis, Martin Jurčík, Pavol Kováčik.