Short science-fiction film: Might, by Emil Sallinen

Might can get you in the most unexpected situations: Maryam, a rebel leader in an archaic world governed by ruthless religion, is determined to prove that the huge metallic object hovering in the sky is not a god as the priesthood claims.

During a mission, she runs into a holy warrior that turns out to be her long-lost father Thesus. Soon Maryam and Thesus are thrown into a series of events that will force them to face each other, change their lives and reveal a secret only a god can keep.

Written, directed and produced by Emil Sallinen. Cast: Sara Soulié (Maryam), Jonathan Hutchings (Thesus Henry), Hanikka (high priest), Agneta Lindroos (Ofria), Jarkko Lehtopelto (prisoner #1), Jussi Lankoski (prisoner #2).