Kendo practice

The human reaction ability: Kendo in High Speed Camera

How fast do react to a stimuli? How fast do you think humans react? Well... if you watch this video I think you might change your opinion...  Into a better opinion.

This Kendo clip is

Kendo - The King

A short video with Masahiro Miyazaki. The living legend of kendo!

Mr. Miyazaki is:

- 6 Times All Japan Kendo Champion

- 2 Times Second Place All Japan Kendo Championships

- World Kendo Champion

- 6 Times All Japan Police Champion

- 3 Times All Japan 7th Dan Champion

About kendo

As I said in Basic informations About me, I started to practice

Kendo National Championship 2009

During 28 and 29 of november 2009 it took place the Kendo National Championship to the following categories and there were obtained the results:


The Kanji Tsushima cup, second edition, Brasov, year 2009

Yesterday, 31st of october 2009, it took place the second edition of Kanji Tsushima cup in Brașov. Mister Kanji Tsushima is the former ambassador of Japan in Romania and is considered the father of Romanian kendo. He has 6 Dan in kendo and he did started the practice of this


Kendo practice - competitions

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kanji kendo

Come and practice kendo at CS Ronin-Do Oradea

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