Jewelry crafts for kids that use candy

Besides jewelry and candy, children love role-playing. Making jewerly out of candy is a combination of the three things above, so it's no surprise that they become so pupular they entertain an entire class of kids, and keep the busy for an entire day. More: this craft make them work with their hands (instea d just playing games on PCs, tablets, consoles or playstations), it helps them improve their imagination and intelligence.

The purpose of this articles is to give you some ideas about the candy jewerly you can create along with the children you are educating or taking care.

Wire and Glass Bead Amulet

It's an easy to do craft, for children of age: 4 and up. It should be done under adult supervision because in one moment the child will need his help. You'll need: toothpick, needle-nose pliers, 22-inch piece of 18-gauge artistic wire, 34 inches of jewelry cord or split key ring, large glass or plastic bead, at least 3/4 inch in one direction (the last item is optional).

How to make it: put the child to fold the wire in half, then to insert a toothpick into the fold. Holding the wire firmly just below the toothpick with one hand, put the kid twist the toothpick around 2 to 3 times to create a small loop from which the necklace cord or key ring can hang. After that he threads one end of the wire through the hole in the large bead until the bead rests against the wire twists under the loop. Then he can wrap one end of the wire in a random pattern around the bead, then wrap the other end of the wire around the bead and the first wire. An adult should bend the wire ends into little curlicues with the needle-nose pliers to finish. Put the child thread the wire-wrapped amulet onto a key ring or onto a jewelry cord to make a necklace.

Candy Hair Extensions

Use hot glue to attach a few licorice strings to a small hair clip, string a single piece of candy onto one of the strings. Then knot or braid the strings together, add another piece of candy to a single string. Do it until the end of the strings. When you reach to the end, tie all of the licorice pieces together or a piece of fruit leather in order to bind the entire things together. You can put the result in the hair or, if you don't like it, tie both ends to each other and make it into a friendship bracelet.

Candy Mosaic Pins

Cut a flat piece of fruit leather into any shape you desire, then use a variety of candy pieces to arrange onto the fruit leather. If you are using small pieces they should stick automatically.  If you use larger pieces they might need to be attached with a bit of frosting or glue. When the job is done, attach a pin to the back or use glue or frosting to attach it to a necklace or a bracelet.

Fabric Necklace

A very easy, for kids of age 4 and up, it should be done under parental supervision. As I said, these sort of crafts need imagination: an old pair of pants can turn into such a cute necklace or a headband.

What you'll need: scissors and needle nose pliers, an old piece of stretchy clothing (like stretch pants) that can be cut into a strip, large beads with holes wide enough for fabric to fit through.

How to make it: Simply cut the  fabric into a strip approximately 24 inches by 2 inches, lay out beads in an appealing manner then string beads onto fabric. Using needle nose pliers to pull, and if necessary, space beads according to your taste. The last step is to tie it together and you get an instant accessory that can be adapted for any holiday, using special colors or festive fabrics.

Lifesaver Bracelets

This is a good craft for small kids because the pieces are large and easy to thread. Start by gathering some lifesaver candies and licorice ropes. You can also use orange rings or large cereal pieces. Kids might like to use colored, hollow licorice that has been cut into pieces, but it's not a rule. Use a piece of fruit leather to wrap around the base of the licorice rope in order to prevent the candy from falling off the end of the string. Then thread the candy onto the licorice and, finally, stick the ends of licorice together using the heat from your hands. 

Craft materials you may need when crafting jewerly out of candy:

  • Bowls or paper plates for candy
  • Clean kitchen scissors
  • Curling ribbon or shoestring licorice
  • Fruit Roll up for bead stopper
  • Edible beads such as: jelly rings or fruit loops, Gummy lifesavers, sour peach rings, Lifesavers candy, Twizzlers fruit twists, Apple Jacks or Cheerios cereal, Starburst, Tootsie rolls, Pretzels
  • Ice pick or knitting needle (optional)
  • Plastic food prep gloves (optional)

The source of the image is here, a place where you can find more ways to make Jewelry crafts for kids that use candy. You can also use the Halloween to gather or reuse the candy.

Keep in mind that because all of these crafts are made from food, so they cannot be stored easily. Wearing the jewelry for a long period of time can get messy, and eventually they will attract insects and small animals who are interested in a snack.