Health and fitness

Revealing the slim, trim body you`ve always wanted

One of the tons of spam emails I am getting on daily basis made me laugh this morning. It contains the title and the following quote... and, as you can easily realize, someone tries to offers you a slim, elegant, beautiful body with no effort! And most of the cases (99,999%) it's only bullshit. At least when involving products to eat you can buy someone thi

Job opportunities for personal trainers

No, I am not offering jobs for personal trainers (at least not for the moment), but I am interested in the job posibilities such professional category have in the world. Of course, the first step is to get a proper certification and select an area (or areas) of training to performe in. Getting more education and certifications can help improve their chances to get a job, but the more important

Therapeutic uses of corn silk

You all know what Corn is and how it looks right, right? The plant is native to North America and it now grows around the world in warm climates. The corn is a grass which can grow up to 3 meters, it forms thick stems with long leaves.

From the botany point of view the flowers of corn are monoecious: each corn plan

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kanji kendo

Come and practice kendo at CS Ronin-Do Oradea

servicii în tehnologia informații

We offer consultancy services in IT, website development, mobile apps and online applications.

web design consultanță software applicații I have been developing apps and sites for a few years, so are in the right place if you are searching for some one in the IT, I develop Joomla! extensions and I offer consultancy about your activities and how they can be more efficient and the implementation or further development of informatic systems that can transform your business into an engine. For more information you can contact me.

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