Designed By Apple - Intention

I don't own an Apple gadget, I will probably buy something designed by them but it's not going to be very soon - I am pleased enough with the gadgets I have right not. But I kind of like (a soft of) the way they are designing stuff... Here, simple phrases paired with elegant visuals describe the thoughts and emotions that go

Most popular brands of Blu-ray players

Today the blu ray players are one of the most popular players that are more preferred by most consumers because it offer several options for you to be entertained: people are watching movies from blu ray disks and 3D disk, they also enjoy on various entertainments. Blu-ray players are the latest HD video output device that have taken the entertainment world b

Differences between the iPad 2 and the iPad 3

The popularity of the iPad is not new, but the great number of iPad 3 sold in the last months is reaching out to its predecesor. The differences between consecutive versions of gadgets produced by the same company (any bi

Best accessories for the Nintendo Wii

About a month ago I've written about Nintendo game consoles and it's a great moment to continue with the best accesories for Nintendo Wii. As you already know, the games have evolved a lot from the original Gadgets

Prevent gizmo frustration, read the instructions

Do you know what RTFM mean? It's an abbreviation of Read The Fucking Manual. It's usually said or written in response to a question when a person being asked believes that the question can be easily answered by reading the instractions or user's manual. That usually happen when people buy themselves a gizmo, go home and unpack it, then they

How to decide on the best smartphone or tablet apps to download

You have just got a smartphone or a tablet and you are starting to install additional software to help you organize your work on them? Or you just want to play and you have troubles in deciding what's the best game for your and your device?

Well, the most important 2 things you have to consider are: the operating system of

A guide to Nintendo game consoles

For the people who does not know about the history of the company and their experience in this area, Nintendo is a company that produces video games even before the birth of the Playstation and Xbox. It was originally a Japanese playing-card company.

As every good introduction begins with the products list, let me present

Dingoo A380 - DOS games ports and GBA emulator

Old time gamers (the gamers from an older generation) will know for sure what the guy in the video is playing. We still remember (with love I can easily add) games like Heretic, Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein 3D or any GBA game.

Why it is important to set an age limit on smartphone use

Smarthpones for kids... When I was a child, me and my friends had fixed phones at home and some big phones set into the walls of the buildings and some of special places all around the city, just to can get to other people with the appropriate card inseted into its place. No internet, no idea how the things would go in the future, but a lot of dreams. Mo

JEmbedAll, the best Joomla native extension

Purchase and download JEmbedAll, the best Joomla native extension for your improved website!

kanji kendo

Come and practice kendo at CS Ronin-Do Oradea

servicii în tehnologia informații

We offer consultancy services in IT, website development, mobile apps and online applications.

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