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Volunteer work and its advantages

The volunteering is quite developed and spread in many parts of the world, but it's not the same everywhere. It depends of the mentality, but probably most of the world is too busy living or working for the every day food, money for the bills, having fun and so on in order to invest time and energy in other projects. To work for charity? It may be fun, but it do

What to gift for a Christmas day birthday

Beside its comercialism, Christmas (still) remains a time for celebrating and for spending

Avoiding the commercialism of Christmas

As (about) everybody knows, Christmas is essentially a Christian holiday based around older pagan mid-winter celebrations. Most probably Jesus was born on a different day of the year, but the early Christians chose 25th of December in order to replace the pagan celebrate of winter soltice (usually on December 21st of 22nd). More: many of the things traditionally associated with the&nb

Tips for reading old handwriting

Have you ever had the chance to read old documents, some from a few years ago, other being decades or centuries old? Well, you would be probably have some dificulties reading them, even considering they are using the same alphabet as you do. Some Est European countries use the cyrillic alphabet before changing them lat

How do an article can pass Copyscape? Reasons and tips.

Copyscape is an online software that's been used by webmasters, writers, SEO experts and lots of other people to check if

What is article writing?

Article writing is a very easy, popular and cheap method to promote products and services over the internet. There are a lot of free blogging packages available on internet, you can use them online (as blogspot and wordpress) or you can download and install them on your

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kanji kendo

Come and practice kendo at CS Ronin-Do Oradea

servicii în tehnologia informații

We offer consultancy services in IT, website development, mobile apps and online applications.

Cutia cu surprize

Sell and buy handmade products using the website Surprises Box (Cutia cu surprize).

web design consultanță software applicații I have been developing apps and sites for a few years, so are in the right place if you are searching for some one in the IT, I develop Joomla! extensions and I offer consultancy about your activities and how they can be more efficient and the implementation or further development of informatic systems that can transform your business into an engine. For more information you can contact me.

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