Education and parenting

Tips for teaching children the Arabic alphabet

When dealing with children you have to remeber one most important things: be creative and make them interested of wathever you teach them. That means that you must try that more than working with adults because they lack attention and discipline. You know... they are just kids. 

The most essential types of exercises for kids

Considering that there is a direct link between children obesity, salt and a messy diet, there are only a few things there can be done with low costs and high efficiency in order to corre

The link between more salt in a child`s diet and obesity

We can not live a normal healty life without salt, it's a necessary ingredient in our daily diet. But, in the same time it is well known that a high salt intake is associated with blood pressure in the adult population. The studies done in the last years say that the effect of a high salt intake are even worse for children: besides the influence of the blood pressure it may predis

The difference between showing kids how to behave and telling them how to behave

There is an old saying (at least old for me) that says that a good leader always lead by example and not by force and/or coercion. Of course, you are not the ruler, god or emperor of your child, but he has something in common with any other people that follows you: the empathy. It is even more than empathy because the adults will always filter what they hear and see through reason and emotions

How to get shy children to be more sociable

Reading some article about how to get children to be more sociable, especially the shy ones, I remembered the magical two words about a very good method the help them integrate into a collectivity: sports & team. All that articles I've read in the last hours where considering that the shy kid was the only child in the family and he was surrounded by adults, with other children somewher

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kanji kendo

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