Must-have camcorder features for making Youtube videos

Every internaut have heard about youtube or it uses it on (almost) daily basis. Many time it's more than a tool to find something interesting (about an increasing number of subject and stories), it's a service that brings you music, funny thing and, sometimes, joy. As it became one of the most traff

How to buy the best tablet for your needs

About everybody say that mobile devices are the future of personal computers, since they've started to replace (at least in some way) the PCs. For now the tables are... everywhere. There are a greater number of options (in the stores and over the internet), so it gets harder to choice the best tablet you need.

So you must have some criteria:

Do you need one? What for?

Tips on helping a technophobe choose a laptop

This article continues the 2 articles I've written this week about what device you should purchase (laptop versus tablet versus desktop) and about the Computers

Laptop versus tablet versus desktop

It's been some time since I wrote the last english article about computer... a few months. I have a good reason to open the subject of what computer shoul I (or you or anyone else) use... it all started with a discussion I had a few days ago with someone.

The first thing to consider when you are buying a new device is its purpose. In the beginning, when the computers first appeared and the next few decades of development, we did not have much choices. The computers became smaller and smaller, from big tools that filled entire rooms, that can not be moved, to personal computers (the PC's) and the portable computers, but they all remaind in the same "range". Their processing power was increasing and their size was getting smaller one year after another... now we have a lot of choices between various desktop and personal computers, laptops and notebooks, tablets and smartphone. We have CPUs and micro controllers in our refrigetators (some of them can order products over the internet), they drive our cars, and if they all would stop working in the same time we would be in biiiig shit. 

Proper use of a laptop computer

Firs of all, I am not going to write about one brand of laptops or another, that's your choise (according to the price, features and brand you love). During the last few years the computers market has shifted from the old fashion PC to more smaller devices: laptop computers, notetebook, tablets and other gadgets; things you can take with you on the road o

Why it is important to create a boot disc for a computer

We all know about the evolution of the hard drives in the last decades, and that they increased in size from just a few megabytes to "just" a couple of terrabytes or more. There are a lot of peple keeping their archives of pictures, music or movies on such hard disks and any damage to them whould be a catastrophy. There are many reasons to cause

Ways to clean laptop speakers

The easy use of laptop anywhere you have power, space and, eventually, internet connection, is one of the reason that made them so popular and, in time, affordable for so many. But that easy to use can also be a problem because of the dust and all the other small things that come with it. In some cases people are dropping food (snacks) on their computer (keyboard

How to make a boot disc for Windows 7

If you use the computers constantly sooner or later you will realize the importance of have a boot disk for any operating system when it crashes in order to repair it. Usually the new operating systems, including Windows, come with such recovery disc, b

How to create a custom theme in Windows 7

As you already know from the previous versions of Windows, Windows 7 theme is only a collection of images (wallpapers) and screensaver, visual styles and some windows settings which gives a unique feel to your desktop. It's a little more complex the the Windows XP theme or Windows Vista, for example, byt you still can change settings of some visual elemen

What to consider when buying a computer monitor

When every one of us is buying a computer monitor there are some things to consider that will ansure we are purchasing a product that meet all our needs. You will won't find any new analog Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitor, most of the are outdated as technology, and you will probably find some second or third hand CRT monitor if you search well enough. They have

How to manually add a printer to Windows 7

Depending of the location of the printer there are 2 methods to manually add a printer in to Window 7. There can be attached at least one printer to each computer and there can be created an entire network of computer using Window 7, so you can add a local printer or a network printer (attached to another computer or network device).


Guide to the power options in Windows 7

You can consider that you don't need to know about power management in Windows 7, but the next time you'll use a laptop, notebook or another device that uses Microsoft Windows 7 you will find this very useful. It is said that Windows 7 is designed to help your battery last longer by running fewer background activities and the processor does not work as hard as previous versions of Wind

What the windows startup folder does and how to use it

At startup Windows looks in some location for the programs to run, including the Startup folder - its reason is to automatically run some local programs after loading the operating system, when the system is ready for its user. It is used when an Windows user always opens the same programs immediately after starting his/her computer - the startup folder shoul

How to understand printing resolution

I've already written about understanding the screen resolution and its settings for windows and what the pixels mean. The measurement of monitor, scanner an

Understanding Windows screen resolutions settings

Screen resolution (display resolution)

Screen resolution (or display resolution) refers to the size of the entire image displayed on your computer monitor. It refers to the number of individual picture elements (the pixels) that are displayed at once, on every single displayed image. Screen dimensions are the horizo

Mini, micro, nano and their development in computer technology

If you still don't know about what mini, micro and nano are in matter of value you can look for them in the table at the end of this article. The are usually used to measure distance and weight, but not only that, and lately they became something very common for the computer technology even when the people using these terms did not understand their real meanin

The software included with the OpenOffice 3 suite

As the main concurent of Microsoft Office, 3 (or the OO3, as it is also known) is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers, with di

Flip and rotate video and movie software

Earlier today I've been asked about how to filp and rotate some video files. As I had to search for more information I found several software that does the job. Some of the software are free, for others you have to pay.

A free software from DVD Video Soft, you can download it from here:  Computers

The worst times of year for computer virus attacks

I am sure most of us know what computer viruses are, at least as general idea. Some of you may know how the viruses are propagating from one computer or another over internet or from one file to another inside a computer. I am not interested to share you details about this, it's a subject for another article. But you should know at least 2 things: when you are

Best file recovery software

Usually data can be lost or deleted from your PC, gadget or removable area due any number of various reason. Beyon hardware error or malfunction, the most common data loss reason include human error, disk formats, improper device handling. It can make any user fell frustrated as inaccesible data usually brings wastage of time and energy (user's energy), often

JEmbedAll, the best Joomla native extension

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