Avoid AM Belgium, Romagnetics, Subero

If you have already heard about AM Belgium and / or Romagnetics maybe you are interested in what I have to say. If you are about to enter into a (business?) relationship with these 2 companies you should think twice about that. If they want you to hire for something you better refuse them.

I had a very bad relationship with the people from these companies: I was hired to design an application to manage several internal processes. A project that should be finished in about a month (according to the contract) + the tests that shouldn't take more that a few weeks. 18 months from the beginning of the contract we could not finish it, and the reasons of the delays were several: information passed on with a big delay, system administrator that was answering his phone about once a week (meantime I had to wait for him to work), messages left not answered for long periods.

The tests took more that 6 months, and the reasons for that are also various: the only guy responsable with them was available only from time to time, he had other priorities, he had days off, he was on vacantions, etc, etc. Actually, this guys was making the tests in the "free time", when he was told he should do them. And they (nor the parent company from Belgium, nor the child company from Palota, near Oradea, Romania). If the project was small it would be nothing, but the system should help the employee to make their job faster and without a lot of Excel files they were dealing with. In the beginning I was told it was a pretty important project.

If there were problems only with the employee in charge with the tests or the system administrator it would be ok, very simple, but the people in te companies were not capable to solve these issues in more than one year. They only found excuses and more delays. I couldn't say that they brought the lack of organize to an art, but they are not far from this. With Subero I had nothing to do (not directly), but 2 in the people involved in its administration are responsable with Romagnetics / AM Belgium.

So, if you want to make a deal with them just do it. But I don't recommend.