City Limo Llc & myrtle

Hello, everyone. My name is Dan-Marius Sabău and I am (among others that don't count right now) I have been software developer / web designer for about 25 years about now. I also do some search engine optimization from time to time, depending on website. This is the perspective I am writing for now.

If I were to give you a piece of advice I would tell you to stay away of City Limo Llc and their websites (for now they have and they want to design some other seo sites as Myrtle I had a discussion with their IT guy a few hours ago and he is so bad I am still laughing about what he have said. There was no exchange of ideas, no desire to do something (or, at least, something better), and the end-result was just hilarious.

I have no ideea how their taxi cabs are or how good they services in Myrtle beach, but if you have some experience with them please write some comments about it. Are they better or are they worse than their competion like Myrtle beach discount taxi, Anchor, City cab of Myrtle or Myrtle beach

If you read so far, can you tell me / him / them what do you want from your taxi near you? Do you want to pick a number from the very first website you get using the search engine (just because the company have some good seo guys does not make it better that others) or do you want a trusted site, one that offers you informations about the place and makes an impression using both taxi services and user interactions?