Avoid AM Belgium, Romagnetics, Subero

If you have already heard about AM Belgium and / or Romagnetics maybe you are interested in what I have to say. If you are about to enter into a (business?) relationship with these 2 companies you should think twice about that. If they want you to hire for something you better refuse them.

City Limo Llc & myrtle

Hello, everyone. My name is Dan-Marius Sabău and I am (among others that don't count right now) I have been software developer / web designer for about 25 years about now. I also do some search engine optimization from time to time, depending on website. This is the perspective I am writing for now.

If I were to give you a piece of advice I would tell you to stay away of City Limo Llc and their websites (for now they have and they want to design some other seo sites as Myrtle I had a discussion with their IT guy a few hours ago and he is so bad I am still laughing about what he have said. There was no exchange of ideas, no desire to do something (or, at least, something better), and the end-result was just hilarious.

To be avoided: Veres János & Golden Gravel Business

I don't usually give bad reviews to the "businessmen" I meet, but sometimes it's necessary and it becomes something that has to be done. This article is about a guy you should avoid working with or working for because he is not trustworthy: he talks a lot (I think he actually loves to talk), but when it's time to really do something you can't get anything from him. He needs you to get a website, but he always comes unprepared.

Working with or for him is like working against him, even when he says he needs you. You need an information, you get "I don't have it, let me talk to some guy that did my website some fucking years ago and he can't be found". You do something for the website and you need more images and texts to present his business to the world, you get something about nothing, but he is bragging he had a lot to do during this warm winter and the gravel season is just beginning (the weather is getting warmer). You both decide to reserve a domain name, you get "you reserve it, I'll give you the money later" (and almost 2 years later no money was received - it's not about that 10 euros, it's about the fucking attitude). The second time around, when he really wanted to get the domain name (I kept the first oneand I've got 100 times that "investment" during the last 18 months, but who's going to tell him that?) we decided to reserve a different domain name, but, againg, there were not enough money for the reservation and the first year of hosting). He was expecting for me to pay for it. Again. I refused.

Ways to brand your YouTube page for your business

The Youtube statistics say:

  • Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month
  • Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube
  • 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • YouTube is localized in 53 coun

Why employees are a companys biggest security risk

As you already know, no business can work without people. It does not matter how much the thechnology have evolved in the last decades, how important the computers and the machines have become, you still need people to operate them, to act and to manage the information. But that can be also a problem, even a security risk to your company, when the misund

How employers should treat casual staff

According to “Webster’s New Law Dictionary”, a casual staff member is one who is “an employee of less than full-or part-time status; an occasional or temporary employee”. Empolyers are looking for temporary employees (temps) to fill in the gaps

What are employee empowerment strategies

According to the definition, empowerment is the process of enabling or authorizing an individual to think, behave, take action and control work and decision making in autonomous ways. Its main effect is the creation of a work environment in wich people are productive, contributing and,

Business tips: What not to include in a social media policy

I am sure that if you search about what you should include in a social media policy or its benefits you will find a lot of results on any sea

Business tips: Benefits of establishing a social media policy

None of us can ignore the increase growth of the Internet and the social networking as the current days trends, most of you must be already using some of the social networks as Facebook and Twitter. I am taking into consideration the very large numbers of users (over 1 billion) and that you l

Benefits of social networking for your small business

Before telling you about the benefits of social networking you should have some ideas about how to use them in order to get more traffic on your websites (they are or they must become an important part of your business) and how to get known over

Top software applications to manage business finances

If you are an individual that you've got here by mistake, especially if you don't are in the finances field, don't read more of this article. This is about software apps and about business finances. And, of course, software application dedicated to manage business finances, apps or software suites that are helpful for carrying out business tasks and ma

How a meeting agenda can ensure a meeting is successful

Usually a meeting means that at least 3 persons meet, talk and, finally, take some decisions about whatever they are interested in. It can take a few minutes or a few days, with results that can vary from unsatisfactory to excelent. Anyway, there are a few basic requirements that ensure that a meeting is successful: purpose (the resons and the objectives for the m

What to include in a welcome letter to a new hire


Welcome letter is used to enhance the relationship between an employor and his new hire, just after the applicant accepts the job offer and before he starts working at the company. The welcome letter can take many forms and it can serve many purpose, but its main purpose is to encourage, to excite and motivate the new guy (or gi

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