Dear Americans, come to Romania

You are just a bunch of rednecks. Not all of you, of course, but this invitation is not meant for all of you. The invitation is meant only for the boys and girls who think Donald is the best guy for being president.

After voting Donald Duck Trump president you have exactly 2 choices: you can be slaves at home or you can earn your living some other places on Earth. So, why don't you come here, in Romania? We need people growing our food on the fields, making our shoes and clothes, working for our booming industry in so many fields? You will never have the right to vote in Romania (after making so bad choice no one is taking the risk again), but at least you'll have some food to put on the table and some money to go visit America 4 years from now.

The Emil Boc s fall

The last few weeks I keep remembering about Emil Boc's fall during Andrei Gherghe's show. Aparently, he is going to do the same, except he is going to get us too...

Andrei Gheorghe's shout is going to be on a lot of people's lips in the next weeks and months...


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