What you need to remember

Full name: Sabău Dan-Marius, date of birth: May 22nd 1978, in Oradea, Romania, Terra.

Why only dan-marius.ro? Why not dan-marius-sabău.ro or any other combination of letters? Because they are the two given names from my parents. Daily I use only the first one, but on the network I got to use both of them. If you are curious why, well, you will have to stay that curious. ;)

I am a software developer, a programmer (I started doing this in highschool, I continued later with Java then web developing in php, mysql, CSS, javascript), but I also love to write. Their combination is this website: first it was designed by hand, but a few years later it was migrated on Joomla because I started developing components and modules for that CMS.

I develop software and design softeare for money, so nu don't hesitate to contact me if you have ideas or you need someone with experience.

Other information:

- in 1996 I graduated „Emanuil Gojdu” highschool in Oradea, Informatics department (sic). Now the highschool was replaced with National College, but that's another story.

- in 2001 I graduated the Faculty of Electrotehnics and Informatics in the University of Oradea, Computer Department

- in December 2001 I started practice Kendo in Timișoara, then I continued in Oradea.

Why so many texts on my page? Because, besides writing software, I have love to write text - I started with science fiction a long time ago and I continued with other ideas and I will continued to do that as much and as often I can. So stick around, you will find something interesting to read about and watch.