Short introduction

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The content is king when you are talking about a website, almost on the same level with how it looks and how it behave.

But you loose your time if you write bad (as grammer and as how you express yourself), or if you write about stuff no one is interested about (ok, ok, maybe with the exception of some other weird people as you) or if you put your frustration into a public place.

Nevertheless, you will find here various articles from several years of activity (in online and offline) and a perspective that has gradually changed in that time but it shouldn't be a problem for you.

If you are a weird fellow in a way that's close to my kind of weird you will return here - by mistake or on purpose. Or, maybe, will you be mistaken on purpose, but that's another story. Don't expect that all the things you find here to be pleasant, some of them are quite the opposite. But, at least, you have been warned.